How to Clean Your Instant Pot in Minutes

Unless you had hibernated for the past several months, you likely heard the hype about Instant Pots. This all-in-one kitchen tool always proves handy at work cooking the most delicious meals. However, all that cooking may make it downright dirty. Of course, I guess what that one calls for, right? The good news is that cleaning and keeping your instant pot odorless is as simple as ABC…

Clean Instant Pot

Regardless of whether you’ve used your Instant Pot for decades, you just bought one the other day or you’re still contemplating about the purchase, anything cooked will stick around until you give your Instant Pot the attention it needs. Here-under, we walk you through how to clean your instant pot in minutes and ensure you keep it working as it did out of the box. Read on.

First things first, you undoubtedly need to obtain the required cleaning supplies, i.e.

  • Dish soap
  • Scrub brush
  • Vinegar
  • Cotton cloth
  • Dishwasher (optional)

After you’re equipped with all these, ensure you unplug the Instant Pot and remove all its content from the cooker.

Secondly, separate the interior pot and lid from its housing unit. This ensures that all pieces get the full cleaning it deserves.

Clean The Exterior Body

For the outside part, don’t immerse it into the water since it’s made of electronic components. Therefore, cleaning it with a damp cloth is the best option. The same damp cloth can be used to clean the interior as well. In case of any cracks, get a small toothbrush to penetrate and remove the dried food debris.

Clean The Lid

You can clean it by simply immersing it in the dishwasher. Otherwise, regular cleaning with water can do the trick as well. If you intend to do a thorough cleaning, remove the sealing ring, the steam-release handle, the anti-block shield and the float valve and then clean it. Once done, reassemble them and ensure they work normally without any obstruction.

Cleaning The Steam-Release And Float Valve

These are best cleaned with small brushes. This does not only get put most of the debris but also proves gentle on the tiny equipment.

Cleaning The Sealing Ring

The sealing ring is simply the part that ensures the pressure stay inside while cooking. It normally takes a lot of beating. That way, in case you notice it’s deformed, simply get a new one. Instead, you opt to clean the one you already have, simply soak it into vinegar for optimal results since it extracts the entire stubborn food residue odor.

The Interior Pot and Steam Rack

These parts can be cleaned like all the other utensils, either by using a dishwasher or hand washing. However, you may realize that despite the frequent washing, their odor may still persist. In order to expel the pesky odor, simply soak the lid in a cup of vinegar and then after about five minutes, pour out the vinegar. Thereafter, wash it with water while ribbing in some soft bristles and it will come out is as good as new. However, always be keen and never use steel wool for cleaning the interior.

The Steam-Clean Hack

Are you in the mood for a quick but clean clean-up? If so, here is a quick hack. See, in place of disassembling everything, simply take you Instant Pot and add approximately 2 cups of vinegar and run the steam program for around two minutes. Alternatively, you can use cut-out lemons in place of the vinegar. This expels any odor and stains inside the interior and sealing ring. However, be keen to let it all air-dry afterward.

Storing Your Instant Pot

After the end justifies the means, now your Instant pot is clean. Storing it is the next big trick. Importantly, you ought to store it on the counter or a nice place you can find a space. Always store the lid upside down on the inner pot to allow it air out. It doesn’t make sense to have some funky smells trapped all night, right? Unplugging it after every use is always prudent.

Bottom Line

Irrespective of how hard they tend to work, Instant Pots are overly easy to clean. You just need to have the fundamental knowledge of dissembling and assembling it and some quick hacks to up your sleeve. Ultimately, after the cleaning, you’re entitled to a healthy and yummy meal.

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