10 Common Instant Pot Mistakes to Avoid as a New Owner

Some new users usually make some common mistakes before they get the grip of how everything works. Here are some few top ones to avoid.

  1. Forgetting to put the inner pot back and just pouring the recipe contents into the pot, is one major mistake that novice and even experienced instant pot users experience. This mistake can ruin your electric pot. Therefore, every time you remove the inner pot put a wooden spoon or lid on top of it, as a reminder not to pour the recipe in it.
  2. Overfilling the pot can also cause some clogging on the venting knob. You should note that every product has a maximum fill line, but if you pass it just relieve the pressure, open it and remove any extra liquid then reseal the instant pot again.
  3. You should never put your instant pot on top of a stove, no matter how much you want to save on space, as this can lead to some accidental bottom burns of your electric pressure pot.
  4. Another mistake is using the quick release method for a foamy food or overfilled instant pot. So just, use the natural release to relieve pressure, in order to avoid any splatters.
  5. Hitting the timer button, when setting up your cook time is also very common, as the timer is always for delayed cooking. The timer will be lit green when ready, so just press cancel or keep warm button and your food will begin to cook again.
  6. Adding too much liquid in your food by accident can also affect how your final dish tastes and even looks from an overcooked to a bland dish. Therefore, always be aware of the instant pot fill line, depending on the food you are cooking, but do not use less than the minimum required level of water.
  7. Most new instant pot users often forget to put the venting knob to the sealing position. Nonetheless, if the floating valve pops up then it is in the sealing position, so double check before starting to cook your meal.
  8. You should never use your rice button to cook all types or rice. This is because different rice dishes require a different amount of water and this is likely to change the cooking time. Therefore, it does not make sense to use an all-one-solution for all rice types. The same concept applies to different types of grains. To sort this issue out, just use a manual button and babysit your instant pot until your meal is done, as built-in smart programs for rice or multigrain will only ruin your food.
  9. Most new owners normally forget to put the sealing ring back on after washing or airing it. The sealing ring is what absorbs all the smell of the cooked food. It is made of silicone. Therefore, you can place a reminder and always place it back on before cooking your next meal.
  10. You should also pay close attention to your recipe, be it water level or temperature. Using hot water instead of cold can shorten your cook time leading to an undercooking. So use the correct water temperature outlined in the recipe.
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