Recipe: Instant Pot Ground Beef Chili

ground beef chili instant pot

It’s just a month ago when a friend asked me how to perfectly cook ground beef in an instant pot. Being a guy with some secret weapons that makes one a rock-star in the kitchen without breaking a sweat, I was up to the task. I first advised her to sauté it on the instant pot and brown it as one would do on the stove-top. But then again she asked if it was possible to cook such a meal from frozen. Having not done it before, I had to experiment with that and see how one can cook ground beef chili in two instant pot and still make it amazingly good.

ground beef chili instant pot

Are you yearning a big bowl of ground beef, an instant pot will prove handy for your rescue. See, I’ve always been about less is more. Wondering how that relates to this, it’s understood, but first, let’s learn how to cook ground beef chili in an instant pot. Hope you read on to learn about this invaluable lesson that no one ever told you about. Well, it all involves three methods as outlined below:

Method 1:

Use the sauté function of your instant pot to brown the ground beef. Add a cozy amount of chili to spice up the meal. Do this in a little bit of oil and cook as you would over a stove. Use ground beef of about 6-7 minutes per pound.

Evidently, it isn’t prudent to use your instant pot if you’re just sauntering your beef since that can easily be done on a stove. However, if you’re doing it before another recipe, you’ll end up in your instant pot, it’s an amazing method to use.

Method 2:

This one involves steaming your ground beef chili thus resulting into a perfectly tender cooked beef. To proceed in this method, follow this procedure.

  • Pour 1 cup of water into the pot and then place it in the trivet that accompanied your instant pot.
  • Put 1-2 pounds of ground beef and your preferred amount of chili on the trivet and seal the pot closed with the vent closed.
  • Adjust it to high pressure and cook for 6 minutes.
  • Do a quick release and be careful not to get hurt by the emanating steam.
  • Measure the temperature using a clean meat thermometer to see if it’s at least 160derees. If it’s not yet there, seal again and let it cook for extra 2-3 minutes.
  • After the meat has cooked, remove it from the instant pot, break up and use as you would do for any ground beef chili recipe.
  • Extract all liquid and fat that drained off the beef from the instant pot base.

Method 3:

Now, in this case, you want to make ground beef chili. Well, simply put your ingredients, i.e. chilling into the instant pot together with your meat and cook just like you would do with any chili in your instant pot.

Your ground beef will cook amazingly in the sauce. Once the cooking process is ended, the meat will need to be broken up having flavored stew as it cooks.

However, this method is not the perfect method to use with fat ground beef since the fat will render directly into the sauce, which might cause your sauce to become greasy.

Bottom Line

It’s undeniable that most folks are overly opinionated about what do/don’t work in a hearty bowl of ground beef chili. Irrespective of what you think qualifies for the same, I love this delicacy since it’s the spot with any family.

It’s very cheap to make, accentuated with real flavors – if you make it with an instant pot, it undoubtedly keeps your kitchen relatively cool. Did I mention that it’s whole 30-friendly too? Now, hurry and get your chili on, ENJOY!!

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