Recipe: Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

Most of us often have loads of eggs from our happy hens. Chances are you’ve heard of all the hullabaloos of ‘one egg a day…’ but to me, those are some of the issues that pass through my left ear and quickly leave through the right one. Anyway, personally, I love making hard boiled eggs while my kids love eating them big time. However, most of us can attest that making hard boiled eggs in instant pot is quite disastrous, right? Not anymore, but first…


Well, you all know that lately, I’ve been trying out the instant pot and OMG! I’ve fallen in love with this heavenly appliance. Making hard boiled eggs is awesome as awesome can be. Hey hard- boiled egg enthusiasts, rejoice! Wondering why you should? See, that’s just my experience immediately I made the firsts hard boiled eggs in an instant pot. I’m sure yours won’t be so divergent.

Here is how to make hard-boiled eggs in Instant Pot, thank me later.

What You Require:

  • Eggs (as many as you feel you need to make)
  • 1 cup water
  • Instant Pot

How Do You Go About It?

  • Pour the water into your instant pot and then place the eggs into a steamer basket in case you have one. If you don’t have one, simply use the one that came with your Instant Pot.
  • Close the lid.
  • Click on the “Manual” and adjust it to 5 minutes. Basically, that’s the approximate time it will take to build up the desired pressure.
  • Let the eggs to cook for around 5 minutes.
  • After the allowed timeline has elapsed, use the Quick Release method to open the top. Carefully release the steam with the vent on top. Please note that failure to do this properly may result into burns. I’m sure you don’t look forward to that, right?
  • Remove the cooked eggs and submerge them into ice water. This helps you have huge success in peeling off the shells right away instead of waiting.
  • There you go. Your eggs are now ready, use them on toast or make some egg salads. Personally, my children seriously cheer about that. You can even find yourself crying tears of joy once you discover this easy way of seeing your farm-fresh eggs peel easily and quickly. Basically, there are no mutilated eggs. You’re much welcome, but, before we call it a session, I feel that a tip and a note won’t cause any harm.

Making Instant Pot Egg-Notes:

If you opt to, you can always play with the cooking time as you wish. Adding some extra minutes will ultimately make your eggs very firm. I ever tried adding 7 minutes using the Quick Pressure release and it worked excellently. However, that resulted in a green-rimmed yolk, thanks to over-cooking. Anyway, no worries, it was fine for me that way, but, I think additional 5 minutes results into a perfectly cooked yolk.

Some people don’t want to do a Quick Pressure release method, no worries. If you’re one of them, that’s fine. Simply leave the eggs inside the pot and let it cool down naturally.

Tip Towards Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs in Instant Pot

Though perfection is impossible, one always ought to be mindful and understand that every factor affects the end result of the eggs. Changing even the least detail will cause the difference in expected results.

Bottom Line

Evidently, Instant Pot Hard Boiled is just one of the scrummy dishes that can ever be made. Making hard boiled eggs in instapot is tricky like drawing a circle- easy to cook yet very hard to perfect. What’s more, they’re as delicate as newborns. In case you mess the cooking, you may, unfortunately, end up with undesired outcomes. If you do it right, you’ll undoubtedly have a scrumptious golden meal.

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