Ten Helpful Tips for New Instant Pot Users

Have you just purchased your very first instant pot? Congrats and welcome to our club!! You won’t believe the scrumptious food you’re going to be able to cook from now onwards. No doubt that you’re gonna love it. So what can you do with your new instapot? Honestly, much more than you ever imagined.

instant pot tips

Instant pots possess a good reputation in the cooking world, simply because you can use it to cook anything and everything. However, being new to the instant pot world, you may be quite intimidated, Do not worry. After fetching the new instant pot out of the box, these ten tips for new users will surely save you time and make you an expert in a matter of time.

1. Read The Manual And Keep It Handy

With its buttons, an Instant Pot can be overwhelming, always ensure you read the manual in order to spell out how to use it thus optimal confidence when testing it out. In case you’re able to use only one button on the Instant Pot, let it be a manual button. Most recipes online are developed using the manual button since it gives one control to cook accurately and precisely. For example, if a recipe requires you to cook at high temperatures for 10 minutes, press the manual button and adjust the cooking time to 10 minutes. In a nutshell, if you can keep the user manual handy, you can ensure you’re adhering to all safety precautions.

2. Cook Everything In The Same Pot

Thanks to its varied models (i.e. Steam, Sauté, Pressure Cook etc), you can easily accommodate all your desired cooking processes in a single pot. It’s a great way of saving dishes, right? Well, you can go ahead and add broth and seasonings to your brown pot roast and cook it all in the same Instant Pot.

3. Don’t Force Open The Instant Pot

Always ensure the pressure is fully released prior to attempting to open the Instant Pot. Immediately when all the pressure is released from the pot, the floating valve normally drops. Simply turn the venting knob to its venting position so as to ensure that all pressure has been released.

4. Check The Sealing Ring

See, the silicone sealing ring usually deforms over time. Always check if the sealing ring is properly seated before pressure cooking. In case of any deformation, replace the sealing ring as soon as possible.

5. Know The Pressure Release Options

Basically, they’re two. The quick and natural release options. For the quick release option, always keep your body parts far from the hole on top of the steam release handle lest the steam scald you. Shun from using it for foods with the high volume of starch or large liquid volume since they may splatter and shower you and your kitchen. Natural release option simply means you allow your pot to release pressure on its own. Once that happens, the float valve drops down.

6. Aim For One Cup Of Liquid

As a new user and especially when cooking meat, always aim for one cup of total liquid when cooking. The excessive liquid will end up diluting the flavor and extending the time and pressure release time.

7. Recall The Total Cooking Time

Evidently, most recipes advertise cooking time but seldom mention the time required to get up to pressure and the pressure release time at the end of the recipe. Always remember the required time for each recipe, for example, a whole chicken is normally done in less than 30 minutes.

8. Use Of Frozen Food

Finally, you can cook frozen foods with your Instant Pot, Hurray!! However, please note that using them will add the pressure cooking time.

9. Speed It Up

You can do this by setting it on sauté mode once you take it out for preheating. This allows you sufficient time to warm up as you gather your ingredients. Simply press the off button to stop the sauté mode.

10. Cleaning And Maintenance

Though it might seem a daunting tasking, cleaning an instant pot is surprisingly easy. However, never use a steel wool to clean it.

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Final Words

After using an instant pot a few times, you slowly feel more confident and comfortable in discovering the much you can do with your handy tool. Freely share any tips you may have discovered, a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

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