Recipe: Instant Pot Yogurt

instant pot yogurt

So you got an instant pot and now want to make yogurt? Well, making your own nutritious, versatile and probiotic-rich yogurt isn’t a walk in the park. Unfortunately, all the requirements you come across advice you to use the yogurt button which at times you don’t even have. Don’t fret, you too can make your scrummy yogurt.

You just need whole milk and a few tablespoons of plain yogurt. After making your first batch, ensure you save a few tablespoons of yogurt for your next batch when your supply is low.

yogurt in instant pot

For a more enjoyable bowl for breakfast, top your yogurt with fruit, chopped nuts or even honey. In case you want to make vanilla yogurt, simply stir a little vanilla extract to taste. In a nutshell, making your favorite yogurt in an instant pot just entails tree steps which are sanitation, inoculation, and incubation and the vital part of it is that none of them should be skipped.


Start by thoroughly cleaning all the equipment, containers and utensils. This ensures that there are no other bacteria competing with the yogurt as you start the incubation process.

If you’re using an instant pots stainless steel container, sanitize it by running it on pressure steam program for approximately one minute with 1 ½ cups of water. This is done by setting the lid on the valve to the sealing provision and adjusting the steam and the (-) button down to one minute. Once finished release the pressure and then spill the water. Scald the milk by pushing the yogurt button until the screen reads ‘boil.’ Choose the recommended temperature under the more provision to 1810F. Irrespective of your instant cooker’s model, let the instant pot make the milk boil till the screen reads ‘Yogt.’

In case you want to make your yogurt in little jars, start by sanitizing the jars and scalding the milk simultaneously. Add a cup of water and steamer basket onto the instant pot and then after pouring the milk in the jars, place them in the cooker.

Adjust the lids valve to sealing and then push the steam button down to one minute. Once the program is over, click ‘cancel’ to switch off the instant pot and allow it cool naturally.

Whether you’ve scalded your milk or used little jars, always allow the yogurt to cool down to at least 1150F/450C before starting the next process. This usually needs from 20 minutes to an hour. In case you don’t have a clean thermometer to measure this, just wait till the jars are cool enough to handle.


Once you’ve scaled the milk, add an appropriate amount of yogurt inoculate or use some high-quality plain yogurt with active cultures. Alternatively, you can use yogurt from a previous batch provided it’s less than two weeks old. Though not a necessity, you ought to aim for about one teaspoon per 250ml of milk. Ultimately, mix the inoculate into the milk and ensure it dissolves completely.

Close the lid with the pressure valve or place the fresh lass lid to run the yogurt program by clicking the ‘Yogurt’ button for the DUO version. For DUO plus, press the button till it indicates ‘08:00,’ for the ULTRA select choose the yogurt program and the recommended temperature under ‘med,’ i.e. 1070 F.

As you’ll discover, for almost all models of instapots, the default time is 8 hours, this has proved handy for me but also, by pressing the adjustment buttons you can get varied effects. Extending the time may cause the production of tart yogurt. Most yogurt strains commence solidifying after 6 hours. Once the process is complete, the letters ‘Yogt’ show up in the display.


This is the last process of making yogurt in an instant pot pressure cooker. For storage purposes, top the jars with clean lids or simply pour the contents into a clean container and refrigerate for about two weeks.

Tips For Lovers Of Ticker Yogurt

  • Boil the milk for a longer period during scalding.
  • Strain the yogurt over a cloth-lined fine strainer positioned over a bowl.
  • Use non-fat milk powder at the beginning of the process.

Final Verdict

When all said and done, for the lovers of Instant Pot yogurts, it’s my hope that the above guide will really help fill any gaps in the manuals instructions. Simply enjoy the process and ultimately, the outcome.

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